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Head Teacher: Steven Sneesby
Verney Avenue,High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3NE

01494 448497

Management Committee

Kite Ridge School is governed by a management committee of 14 members, chaired by Susie Burrage. The committee is made up of one parent member, one local authority member, three staff members, seven community members and two sponsor members. Each MC member sits for a term of four years.

The members are divided into several sub committees with specific responsibilities for certain areas – Education & Care, Finance & Staffing and Health & Safety and Premises. The full management committee as well as the sub committees meet three times a year, once per term.

Individual management committee members also hold separate responsibilites such as safeguarding, training or pupil premium.

To contact our chairman Susie Burrage, please either e-mail her on or phone her on 01494 810080.

Appointment of Management Committee Members 

  • Local Authority MC members are recommended by the management committee and then go to a Governance Panel for approval.
  • Parent MC members are elected by the parents or will be appointed by the management committee if no candidates come forward.
  • Staff MC members are elected by the staff at the school or appointed by the management committee.
  • Community Governors are sought from local schools first and then from the wider community.
  • Sponsor MC members come from Action 4 Children.

Full list of Management Committee Members

Name Type of MC member Special area of responsibility Sub committee membership Date of appointment
Susie Burrage Community Chair Finance & Staffing H&S, Premises 03/12/2012
Peter Tillotson Community Vice Chair Finance & Staffing Chair H&S, Premises Chair 03/02/2014
Helen Budd Community MC training Finance & Staffing 03/02/2014
Kathy Forbes Local Authority Safeguarding Education & Care 01/10/2012
Jo Harris Community Pupil Premium

Education & Care

Gail Prince Staff   H&S, Premises Education & Care 22/09/2014
Adrian Purvis Community   Finance & Staffing 21/10/2013
Caroline Rose Community   H&S, Premises 11/09/2015
Steven Sneesby Headteacher   Finance & Staffing H&S, Premises Education & Care 01/09/2014
Beverley Warner Staff   H&S, Premises Education & Care 27/02/2015
Peter Whitaker Community   Education & Care 23/11/2015

Management Committee Meetings

The full management committee and the three sub committees meet on a termly basis. For the this academic year, the meeting schedule is as follows.

Full Management Committee
18th September 2018
27th November 2018
19th March 2019
Finance & Staffing Subcommittee

9th October 2018

5th February 2019
30th April 2019
H&S, Premises Subcommittee
31st October 2018
Education & Care Subcommittee
6th November 2018
26th February 2019
14th May 2019

Committee Meeting Minutes

If you require copies of previous Management Committee minutes, please contact the school on